We firmly believe that any company is only as successful as the efforts and dedication put forth by its employees.

Accordingly, it is of great importance to have a team that is an ambassador team of values upon which the company was established. At Juhayna, these include Integrity & Honesty, Transparency & Trust, Teamwork, Quality, and Responsible Sourcing.




To standout as the leading source of a healthier and tastier quality of life for you.

Big Goal “BHAG”

A Juhayna pack in every hand and a smile on every face in the Middle East and Africa


Juhayna exists to build an exceptional Egyptian legacy by offering healthier and higher quality products while positively impacting the communities where we operate



We ensure honesty, accuracy and fairness in all our actions. We refuse to take shortcuts and will always do the right thing.


We are one team who has an unyielding drive to win, nothing stands between us and our goals. Yet we always remain humble and respectful.

Continous Improvment

We don’t rest on our laurels. We celebrate our success but we don’t settle, we pursue excellence & drive change with vigor.


We are game changers who creatively think of how to change ” the present “. We keep abreast of trends focusing on ideas that will place us at our pinnacle.


We are entrepreneurs who hold ourselves accountable. Proud of anything that bears our name. To us, Juhayna comes first , always .


We inspire others with our passion, determination and good vibes. We are problem solvers who see an opportunity in every challenge.