Juhayna unveils export expansion plans at Gulfood 2024 exhibition

Cairo, February 28, 2024: Juhayna Food Industries participated in the Gulfood 2024 exhibition, the leading trade event in the food and beverage industry, held at the Dubai World Trade Center from February 19th to February 23rd. Juhayna’s participation marks its steadfast commitment to elevating and advancing the quality and competitiveness of its industry to meet global standards, and cater to the needs of consumers throughout all operating markets.

Juhayna currently caters to 62 markets worldwide, while also focusing on enhancing its local market presence. Currently, the company operates 4 factories with a workforce of over 4000 employees, and manages a 550-acre dairy farm. Furthermore, Juhayna offers a diverse range of over 200 products, which are efficiently distributed through a widespread network of 34 distribution centers. This extensive network enables Juhayna to cater to reach over 136,000 retail outlets across Egypt’s governorates.

Mohamed Hammad, External Markets Director at Juhayna said: “We are always keen to participate in the Gulfood 2024 exhibition, as it serves as a crucial platform for manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors worldwide. Our participation this year aligns with our strategic goal of representing the Egyptian food and beverage sector. We spare no effort in continuously working on enhancing the quality of Juhayna’s products and our export plans to maintain and strengthen our presence in the regional and global market.”

Hammad added that Juhayna has successfully expanded into key markets that hold a significant presence in the Arab world and Africa. This expansion encompasses the company’s range of dairy products, juices, plant-based alternatives and concentrates, solidifying our plans to expand into a large number of new markets in Europe and Asia.

It is worth mentioning that Juhayna has achieved significant success at the national level throughout 2023, with a growth in total revenues by 43%, further cementing its position as a leader in the Egyptian food industry. Moreover, the company managed to achieve export volumes worth 931 million Egyptian pounds during the first nine months of 2023, with export sales also increasing by 188% compared to the same period in 2022.”