Juhayna supports Gaza by sending dairy and juice products in cooperation with the Egyptian Food Bank and Tahya Misr Fund

Cairo, October 16, 2023: Juhayna Food Industries, in collaboration with the Egyptian Food Bank and Tahya Misr Fund, has announced the dispatch of a food aid shipment to Palestinians in Gaza. The initiative’s main aim is to provide relief and alleviate Gaza citizens’ suffering caused by the ongoing escalation of current events.

The humanitarian relief convoy sent by Juhayna consisted of various products, which were delivered through the Egyptian Food Bank and the Tahya Misr Fund. The aforementioned comes in line with the company’s belief in the critical role it plays in supporting various social causes to develop communities, improve individuals’ livelihoods, and help them overcome any challenges they face.

This initiative also falls in line with the efforts of the Egyptian State to promptly provide support and humanitarian relief to Palestine, aiding the victims in the challenging circumstances they face due to the blockade.

It is worth noting that the Arab Republic of Egypt, through a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has called upon all countries and regional and international organizations willing to provide humanitarian and relief assistance to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip to deliver such aid to Al-Arish International Airport. The airport has been designated by the Egyptian authorities as the designated receipt point for assistance from various international parties and organizations.