As part of the European Ambassador’s visits

Juhayna invites the Swedish Ambassador to a tour inside its dairy factory


Cairo, Egypt – XX September, 2022: Juhayna Food Industries invited Mr. Hakan Emsgard, the Swedish Ambassador to Egypt for an inspection tour to its dairy production factory at the 6th of October city. During the visit, the Ambassador praised the latest technologies utilized by the company to implement its production and packaging operations and to ensure the safety of its products. Ambassador Emsgard was also accompanied by Mr. Niels Thomsen, CEO of Juhayna, Mrs. Passant Fouad, the External Communications Director at Juhayna, Mr. Wael Khoury, CEO of Tetra Pak Packaging, together with Ms. Marwa Gomaa, Regional Communications Director for Tetra Pak Egypt.

The Ambassador’s tour encompassed several stations, as it began with an introduction about Juhayna’s dairy production strategy, and its approach of adopting a vertical integration model along all production stages, from the farm to the consumer. Moreover, during the tour, the ambassador was briefed on the production stages at the factory, which are carried out in an automated and sterilized way. This served as a testament to Juhayna’s commitment to providing products that meet the highest local and international quality standards based on the latest technologies.

In this regard, the Swedish Ambassador stated: “I was pleased with my visit to Juhayna’s factory, through which I witnessed the use of state-of-the-art technologies and the ultimate adherence to the highest quality standards in all production stages. What I saw today was an immense, unprecedented effort, exerted by the company, to guarantee that its products comply with the best standards of food security, in addition to the unsurpassed occupational safety, which fully conforms to the specifications followed by the factories in the European countries. Such practices attract foreign investment from food and beverage companies around the world.”

For her part, Passant Fouad commented: “I am certainly proud that the Swedish Ambassador praised the quality and safety management standards that Juhayna abides by along the dairy production stages. This testimony confirms the company’s leading position in implementing the highest international standards of quality adopted in factories in European countries. We hope to welcome more Ambassadors to Juhayna’s various factories, so as to accentuate that our local products can duly compete internationally, and to mark the progress made by the food industries sector in Egypt.”

As for Marwa Gomaa, she mentioned: “Our partnership with Juhayna dates back to more than forty years, and it is one of the pioneering companies that work to make a significant change, as well as provide innovative and distinctive products to the Egyptian market’s customers. This robust success is stemming from their long-term vision of relying on the latest technologies, the cutting-edge innovations, in addition to their integrated approach in carrying out all their business activities.”

It is worth mentioning that El Masreya factory had previously welcomed Mr. Svend Olling, the Danish Ambassador to Egypt, this year. During his visit, Mr. Olling acclaimed the progress and development of the technological system that Juhayna adopts, in order to ensure the provision of the best food products.

In addition, the U.S Dairy Export Council has also visited Juhayna factories, and they expressed their admiration for the technologies used in the factories and the company’s commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety.