As part of their strategic partnership

Juhayna hosts Tetra Pak’s President and CEO at their Dairy factory


Cairo, January 29, 2024: Juhayna hosted Adolfo Orive, Tetra Pak’s President and CEO, for a tour of their dairy factory located at 6th of October city. The tour was attended by Seif Thabet, CEO and Deputy Chairman of Juhayna, Neils Thomson, Managing Director and Wael Khoury, Tetra Pak Egypt Area Managing Director.

During the tour, Mr. Orive received an introduction to Juhayna’s strategy regarding dairy production and their vertical integration model throughout all production stages, from farm to fork which ensures the delivery of high-quality products. Mr. Orive also familiarized himself with the automation and sterilization processes involved in the manufacturing and packaging of dairy products, as well as the latest technologies adhering to both local and international quality and food safety standards.

“We are delighted to have our valued partners from Tetra Pak visiting us today. This visit marks another milestone in our longstanding and successful relationship spanning four decades, which has brought numerous shared achievements and enhanced the legacies of both organizations.” said Seif Thabet, CEO and Deputy Chairman of Juhayna. He added “We are highly committed to aligning our visions with various entities and upholding the highest quality standards. Moreover, we eagerly anticipate further milestones in collaboration with Tetra Pak, not only in delivering packaging solutions but also in introducing more initiatives that will raise community awareness and contribute to a more sustainable future.”

Respectively, Adolfo Orive commented on his visit to Egypt “This is my first visit to Egypt in several years and I am truly impressed by the infrastructure sector. It brings me great satisfaction to observe the utilization of digital solutions and cutting-edge technologies in the operations conducted by our clients in Egypt.”

“I was honored to meet Juhayna’s team, the leaders in dairy products in Egypt. During my visit to their factory, we had engaging discussions about the various challenges and opportunities in the Egyptian market. It was truly exciting to witness the remarkable dedication to adhering to high standards, and the exceptional emphasis on quality and operational efficiency.” Added Orive.

 It is worth mentioning that Juhayna operates 5 factories with an extensive distribution network that serves over 136 thousand retail outlets across the country. Additionally, they have a 550 acre dairy farm that currently houses over 7 thousand cows.