Juhayna becomes the first Egyptian company to win The Superior Taste Award from the International Taste Institute


Cairo, 13 December 2022 – Juhayna’s full cream dairy products won The Superior Taste Award 2022, one of the most prestigious awards in the food and beverage industry globally, presented by the International Taste Institute, in Brussels, Belgium. The evaluation was undertaken by a panel of 198 world-class chefs and sommeliers, who carry 86 Michelin stars that are awarded to the finest chefs and restaurants around the world.

Juhayna is the first Egyptian company to receive this award, after undergoing a sensory evaluation that includes visual, aromatic, flavor, and textural aspects, as well as final mouth feel. The evaluation process took place over 136 hours of blind tasting that was conducted on thousands of products from all over the world, with the aim of selecting the best among them.

Passant Fouad, Director of External Communications at Juhayna stated: “We are proud to receive this award, not only because it crowns our efforts in providing products with the highest levels of taste and quality to our consumers, but also reflects how Egyptian companies are able to provide products of competitive quality. This indeed puts us on the global map and strengthens our identity as one of the leading food and beverage companies. Having said that, Juhayna constantly works on improving the quality and taste of its products, while maintaining the characteristics that the Egyptian consumer is accustomed to in our product portfolio. That’s why we are always keen to provide 100% natural products without any additives.”

Fouad added that Juhayna pursues a strict strategy pertinent to the quality and safety of its products that revolves around adopting numerous practices in its factories, which include but are not limited to activating several internal audits on dairy products. In addition, these products are periodically tested for quality, totaling almost 9000 tests per day, with a total of more than 3 million tests annually. The company is always keen to perform the above-mentioned in order to ensure the safety of its products and their compliance with the highest standards of quality and taste before it reaches the consumer. It also pays great attention to the development of its products backed by a specialized research and development team to ensure that the company is compatible with the latest technologies that guarantee both quality and taste.

It is worth noting that Al Masreya,which is Juhayna’s dairy factory has succeeded in obtaining many quality certificates, including an AA+ rating in BRCGS Food Safety Global Standard, which has been one of the most stringent global standards over the past 20 years. The rate that Juhayna obtained is the highest rating attained by a company in the Egyptian food industries.