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Always at the heart of our operation.

Our commitment to provide safe and healthy products to our consumers while remaining on the cutting edge of modern production techniques,  begins with securing the highest quality raw materials and continues with our state-of-the-art production facilities. Juhayna employs the most advanced technologies available to ensure the integrity of its products throughout the production cycle. Meticulous development and screening processes are conducted at the company’s seven manufacturing plants , each of which specializes in a unique line of products.

We have developed strategic partnerships with leading global suppliers to acquire state-of-the-art technologies and fully automate our plants. Accordingly, all of our factories operate under the best global production practices and quality standards, which have awarded the company international certificates of recognition and accreditation.

Juhayna Factory:

Established  in 1983, the Juhayna factory was the firm’s first functional facility. It was later streamlined to specialize in the production of milk, cream, and other specialty products for global food manufacturers and restaurant chains, read more.

El Masreya Factory:

As part of our endeavor to increase production capacity inline with growing demand for Juhayna products, we acquired   El Masreya factory in 2005, read more.

El Dawleya:

El Dawleya is one of the largest industrial complexes in Egypt and the MENA region.  Operational since 2009, this flagship manufacturing facility is primarily used for the production and packaging of fresh juices and drinks, read more.

El Marwa Factory:

Initially established in 1998, Juhayna’s El Marwa factory has been upgraded and modernized so that today it features the most globally advanced technologies in manufacturing, read more.

Modern Concentrates Factory:

Juhayna founded the Modern Concentrates Factory in 2007 to produce and package citrus concentrates such as lemon and orange, read more.

EgyFood Assuit and Sixth of October City:

Juhayna’s renowned line of high-quality yoghurts and yoghurt drinks including Rayeb and Zabado are manufactured in two new specialized state-of-the-art facilities, read more.

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