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Yes, Juhayna is an Egyptian company founded in 1983 by Safwan Thabet. It became publically traded on the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) in 2010.

Eng. Safwan Thabet, who founded the Group in 1983, heads the Board of Directors.

Juhayna Group has 3 business lines operating in the following sectors: Manufacturing, Commercial and Agricultural.

The Juhayna Group has several offices all located within the 6th of October City, including its corporate headquarters, “the Juhayna factory,” which is located in the 6th of October City’s Industrial Zone 1. In addition to the 6th of October facilities, Juhayna owns many distribution centers and branches throughout the country.

All of Juhayna’s products are sterilized, pasteurized and packaged in a specially engineered packaging system that protects the product, leaving it fresh, healthy and untouched until reaches the consumer.

Juhayna released its Whipping Cream product in 1999 for use in desserts. Whipping Cream allows chefs to develop and create new types of desserts, and is characterized by its long shelf life and variety of uses, such as decorating desserts, preparing fruit salads, topping for hot chocolate and as a coffee creamer.

Juhayna Skimmed Milk is 0.04% Fat but Juhayna 0% Fat Milk is totally free of fats. However, Juhayna 0% Fat Milk has a better taste & texture than the normal Skimmed Milk.

Juhayna launched Cooking Cream in 1999 to add a new and exciting dimension to the cooking experience. Cooking Cream is used to prepare delicious dishes that the whole family can enjoy. It can be used to prepare pasta sauces, creamy chicken soup, creamy mushroom soup, and chicken breast slices with delicious cream sauce.

Juhayna products are free from preservatives. All our products are pasteurized and sterilized using the latest technology to eliminate bacteria and germs. Specially engineered packaging also protects products, keeping them fresh and healthy for a maximum amount of time, without the use of artificial preservatives or additives.

Yes, Whipping Cream can be used instead of Cooking Cream, but not vice versa. In all cases, creams must be kept refrigerated once the package is opened.

Pure is a 100% fruit concentrate-based drink containing no added sugar; Nectar contains no less than 25% fruit concentrate; Juice contains at least 10% fruit concentrate.

Juhayna uses UHT technology (Ultra High-Temperature Treatment), which protects milk through temperature management. The milk is first pasteurized (boiled at 97 degrees Celsius for a few seconds), then sterilized (boiled again for a few seconds at 137 degrees Celsius) to eliminate all bacteria and germs.

Financial information on Juhayna can be obtained from the Group’s Investor Relations Department, via telephone on 16630.
Also, please make sure to check “investors” part on the website.

Customer Service can be reached through our dedicated hotline, 16630. Our representatives are available to take calls Saturday-Thursday, 9am – 8pm.

Please contact the External Affairs Department at Pr@juhayna.com.

To book a visit to the Juhayna Factory, please contact Customer Service on 16630 to set an appointment for the visit.

Yes, Juhayna exports its products to several international markets. To receive further information on exports, please contact the Export Department via exportinfo@juhayna.com.

The Media and Advertising Department can be reached through the 16630 hotline, or via pr@juhayna.com

You can send your CV to the HR department at hr@juhayna.com.

Please check career section on the website.

Juhayna has a vertically integrated business model to ensure the availability of the highest quality core raw materials and using state-of-the-art milking equipment to produce the best quality milk as efficiently as possible. To achieve this, Juhayna established its subsidiary, Al-Enmaa for Agricultural Development and Livestock, in 2008. Juhayna also has several agreements with Egypt’s leading dairy farms to ensure the best quality supply of raw milk and has taken firm steps to establish its Al-Asila cattle farm in the Bahareya Oasis, which is supplied with 3,500 of the highest quality cattle breeds. Juhayna also owns 40% of the Milky’s dairy farm which houses approximately 3,200 top-quality breeds.