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Corporate Values

We firmly believe that any company is only as successful as the efforts and dedication put forth by its employees. Accordingly, it is of great importance to have a team that is an ambassador team of values upon which the company was established. At Juhayna, these include Integrity & Honesty, Transparency & Trust, Teamwork, Quality, and Responsible Sourcing.



To standout as the leading source of a healthier and tastier quality of life, for you.


To provide premium quality products that enrich the lives of our people and support the development of our community seeking a healthier & a better tomorrow.


  1. Integrity & Honesty: 
    We communicate and deal with all of our stakeholders with complete fairness and honesty. It’s our unyielding commitment to uphold the highest level of integrity that has enabled our brands to become trusted household names, and our reputation to remain unscathed over our decades of operation.
  2. Transparency & Trust:
    Timely disclosures and accountability are essential components to the success of any organization. At Juhayna, we are particularly mindful of delivering the highest quality products in a timely fashion, while establishing meticulous protocols that record every step of the process in order to maintain our high standards and ensure the safety of our products.
  3. Teamwork:
    We look for employees who are not only skilled, but who are challenge-seekers. Our integrated supply chains and management systems are designed to keep teamwork at their core. All of the successes that we have seen over the years have been a testament to the joint efforts of the entire Juhayna team.
  4. Quality:
    Juhayna was founded on the principle of bettering the quality of life for its consumers through the delivery of safe and nutritious products. Over the years our loyal customer base has expanded significantly turning Juhayna into a trusted household name that is synonymous with quality. Accordingly, we are constantly investing in the quality control and product development.
  5. Responsible Sourcing:
    Our responsibility to promote wellbeing by producing the highest-quality products begins with the meticulous sourcing of our raw materials and supplies. Not only do we promote environmentally sustainable practices in our internal operations, but we make sure that such practices are observed by the external contributors of our supply chain as well.




Our relationships with our employees, subsidiaries, customers, and stakeholders are governed by the following set of principles:

  • Collaborating Inside…Competing outside
  • Focusing on results, rather than actions
  • Leading, rather than following
  • Organizing thoughts to execute without errors
  • Working together to achieve results
  • Distinguishing oneself through innovation