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Rayeb range is designed to guarantee a safer and healthier lifestyle for consumers by easing, regulating the digestion process & making them feel relieved. It is supported by probiotics (A.B.T) that make it nutritious and digestive

A: replenishes your metabolism bacteria

B: Helps your stomach digest better

T: Protects your system against harmful bacteria

It is available in three different variants: plain, light, and green tea. Each product has a shelf life of two weeks from the date of production. Rayeb’s green tea and light products are available in 220 & 440ml packaging, and Rayeb plain is available in 220 & 440ml and 1 liter packaging.

  • Rayeb


    The ideal drinkable yoghurt for better digestion and less flatulence.
  • Rayeb

    Green Tea

    Great taste with a guaranteed regulation of the digestion process , as it combines the benefits of the Rayeb & the Green Tea with the delicious lemon taste.
  • Rayeb


    The ideal digestion with 50% less fat. Shelf life 14 days from production date.