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Human Rights & Compliance


Health & Safety

At Juhayna, our commitment to our people goes beyond the operational structure that ensures they engage in a range of initiatives, including but not limited to the implementation and assurance of health & safety measures and women empowerment.

Juhayna engages in regular campaigns that are geared towards guaranteeing the wellbeing of our employees such as our Virus C campaign which involved screening all of our employees, and offering fully-funded treatment to those with positive results. The campaign has thus far resulted in the successful treatment of more than 30 cases of Virus C.

Juhayna ensures all employees are covered by a certified safety and health management system adequate training.


Gender Equality & Equal Opportunities


gizIn 2016, Juhayna signed a cooperation protocol with Germany’s GIZ where the company receives financial and consultancy support over the course of two years from the German development agency to help create a more diversified and inclusive work environment that affords equal opportunities for men and women to develop their careers.

The grant was awarded to Juhayna after the company won first place in a national “Gender Diversification Competition.” Initiatives such as these solidify Juhayna’s position as an equal opportunity employer setting new standards for equality in an otherwise male dominated business.


Work against corruption and bribery

In Juhayna, employees are trained to work against corruption in all its forms and act decisively to put an immediate end to any potential breach of integrity. We ensure that all employees and stakeholders can easily report possible compliance violations and encourage suppliers and stakeholders to report practices or actions believed to be inappropriate or illegal.