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Karm Solar

In 2016 Juhayna began utilizing solar energy to power its agricultural arm, Al Enmaa. We became the first private Egyptian company to solicit the services of an Egyptian solar energy startup, Karmsolar to install a 1 MW solar station on our desert farm in Bahareya.

The move aims to reduce our dependency on diesel which subsequently reduces the maintenance and operating costs while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint. This is not only a milestone for Juhayna but a big step forward for the entire industry as it has set new standards for private sector companies in Egypt, encouraging them to seek ways to decrease their reliance on the national electricity grid by generating their own electricity.


FSC Packaging

Juhayna is certified by the FSC worldwide and we have the label bestowed on our packages. Forest Stewardship Council certification ensures that Juhayna uses paper packaging that has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.