As part of its youth empowerment strategy

Juhayna honors Enactus’slocal annual competition winners and celebrates its 10th anniversary sponsorship for the global organization.


Seif Thabet:

  • I am pleased to witness these ambitious Egyptian youth, that is full of innovative ideas and that think outside the box and entrepreneurial insights.
  • Our resilient belief in sponsoring ENACTUS’s local competition develops year after year for being an effective tool to rehabilitate and hone Egyptian youth skills and enable them to valiantly face social, economic and environmental challenges.

Fatma Sirry:

  • Juhayna’s support along with other large companies: is the only concrete guarantee for the competition’s success
  • Juhayna feels highly responsible for its nation and its youth. Egypt has also been moving towards new tactics that support entrepreneurship; believing that minor and intermediate enterprises are vital keys towards supporting the national economy.


Cairo 10 July 2018:

Juhayna, the pioneer of the Egyptian food industries, participated in the last day ofEnactus’s annual local competition where the company’s CEO Seif Thabet, honored the three winning teams. This year’s competition concurrently with Juhayna’s 10thyear sponsorship anniversary for the competition, aligned with the company’s keenness to empower Egyptian youth and enhance their capabilities. Nonetheless, provide help to a generation bursting with adept entrepreneurs that understand the needs of Egypt society and are effectively contributing to its development.

The 6th of October University won the first place, while Cairo and Menoufia University respectively won the second and third place. The 6th October University team is lucratively scheduled to attend the international competition at November this year in California, USA.

Mr. Seif Thabet; Juhayna’s CEO expressed his delight to be present at this year‘s final competition and that he got this exceptional chance to listen to highly innovative and integrated youth offerings, that rigorously reflect on the youth’s awareness of Egypt’s needs amid economic challenges. The presentations included various models, characterized by practical solutions for issues faced by the Egyptian society.

Thabet stated,“Egypt needs more competitions similar to ENACTUS, which will sharpen the skills and talents of young people and reduce time and effort exerted by companies to help qualify them for the labor market.” Adding that skilled workers in various sectors are the main reason behind any business’s success story. He ended his speech during the closing ceremony that Juhayna’ s10th-year sponsorship for the competition is entirely aligned with our certainty in the youth’s ability that pledge the country a better tomorrow.

From her side, Dr. Fatma Sirry, President of Enactus Egypt communicated her bliss with respect to the program’s prosperity and its congruity in Egypt. She focused on the help of extensive organizations, for example, Juhayna is the main underwriter of the progression of the opposition. This is additionally in accordance with the nation’s Plan for Sustainable Development 2030.

She noted that “Enactus” does not bolster hypothetical tasks or applications, just reasonable practical ventures that advantage society are acknowledged. Sirry said that the following period of the program will witness the improvement of the opposition plans of action to guarantee that the thoughts are productive through close participation between the private and open segments and common society associations spoke to by the program.

It’s vital to say that the possibility of Enactus worldwide rivalry depends on neighborhood college groups’ competency between each other. Enactus at that point works to decide the nearby champ who will speak to his nation and his college at the World Cup. Enactus students gather groups that serve their networks by executing inventive entrepreneurial ventures to take care of societal issues in viable ways. The program centers around six principle columns: market economy, entrepreneurship, skills of success, financial literacy, innovation and business ethics.

Enactus Egypt began its nearby rivalry in 2004, where every college presents innovative projects which address the difficulties and issues of society. These are assessed at the opposition within the sight of vast organizations’ CEOs to pick the best group inside the six columns said above. The displayed ventures contribute in making an age of business people associated with the improvement of networks in a compelling and creative way. Egypt has possessed the capacity to accomplish propelled positions in the worldwide rivalry and winning the World Cup more than once since the establishing of Enactus Egypt. 47 neighborhood colleges took an interest in the current year’s season, with in excess of 6,500 understudies partaking in the ENACTUS Egypt program from a few open and private colleges and establishments.