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Best-in-breed cattle are raised at Juhayna Dairy farm

Dairy Farms

Juhayna works with 110 hand-picked farms to guarantee our supply of top-quality raw materials

1 MW
Solar Station

Inaugurated in Al Enmaa Farm


Applying the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly farming methods

Integration between Agriculture and Livestock to Preserve the Environmental Resources

Juhayna planted the land with green feed that integrates livestock and agricultural production, where high-quality green feed and corn are planted, grown, and converted into silage as a food source for animals.  On the other hand, agricultural farming also benefits from natural fertilization, the barns are being washed, the water is transferred to a large lake where the deposition of solid materials (fertilizer) to be relocated to agriculture.

Accordingly, it reduces both; the use of industrial fertilizer and the cost of agriculture along with providing a greater chance for environment conservation.


Sprinklers to Maximize Cows’ Dairy Productivity

Juhayna has applied an innovative cooling system (sprinklers) to face the regional climate, high temperatures, and low humidity levels through the placement of water fans that are big in size and energy, with pumps to spray water on the cows to cool them. This innovative cooling system ensures high productivity and plays a great role in stabilizing production rates in summer and winter.


The Best Cow Breeds Around the World

Juhayna was very keen to select the best breeds of livestock, in which the company imported the Friesian Holstein. In addition to the Simmental breed that has a dual-purpose for dairy production and meat production and has a great ability to endure tough environmental conditions.


A Highly Efficient Rotating Milking Parlor to Monitor Cows Health

The company has chosen a state of the art rotating milking parlor where automatic registration takes place. It uses 80 milking points for each of the four phases, in order to achieve the highest possible milking efficiency.

In addition to milking about 450 cows per hour followed by a giant cooling system that can cool 10 thousand liters of milk per hour to be loaded directly into the company’s equipped cars and delivered to Juhayna’s factories.


An Advanced Laboratory to Ensure the Production Disease Free Feed and Dairy

Juhayna’s farm has been supported by an advanced laboratory to analyze the food provided to the cows and the milk produced to determine its quality, the number of bacteria in each millimeter, as well as the examination of diseases that might affect cows to be able to be fully aware of the possible treatments and the appropriate immunizations that could be used for the cows.


An Exceptional Solar Energy Station

The Opening of the solar energy station is considered as one of the milestones of the company, where it is the first station to sell electricity to the private sector through a close cooperation between Juhayna and Karm Solar for solar energy with a capacity of 1 MW.

The station is the first of its kind in Egypt, knowing that the project is fully operating by solar energy for the preservation of the environment and for the desire to come up with an integrated Egyptian project that not only focuses on the company’s needs but also on the ambitious plan of the country and encourages the investments, aiming to bridge the gap in issues related to raw milk.


The solid reputation that we have built as a trusted manufacturer of top-quality juices is predicated on our ability to consistently source the finest raw materials. Much of the produce used to manufacture our world-class juices is grown on Juhayna’s own farm; a testament to our consistent evolution that is geared towards the provision of high quality products.

Our fully-owned subsidiary, Al-Enmaa for Agriculture & Livestock Development, functions as our agricultural production arm. Founded in 2008, it owns 10,000 feddans of land, and applies the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly farming methods, including the use of drip irrigation systems to grow and cultivate potatoes, corn, wheat, Hegazy Clover, and oranges; with plans to expand to mango production and pomegranate for export in the future.

Having full control over the farming operation allows us to closely observe the development of the raw materials that are used in our production process.

Geographical distribution of cultivated land

  • New Valley Governorate (Al Farafra)  = 2,668 Feddans
  • Bahareya Oasis (Al-Aseela)   =  3,800 Feddans

Dairy Farms

Initially our vertical integration program involved the maintenance of Juhayna’s affiliated dairy farms to secure our raw materials, however in 2008,  we took steps to establish our first fully-owned dairy farm; Al Enmaa for Agriculture Development & Livestock, the latest development in our ongoing push for full vertical integration.

With 550 feddans of land our farm can accommodate a herd size of 5,000 milking cows; enough to supply 10% of our daily needs. Going forward, we are looking to grow our dairy facility even further as the farm will help us ensure supply and quality and allow us to tackle the expanding gap between the supply and demand of milk in Egypt.

Al Enmaa’s key subsidiaries:
  1. Al-Enmaa Livestock Company: Specializes in building dairy farms and owns 550 feddans in the Bahareya Oasis (Al-Aseela).
  2. Al-Enmaa Company for Agriculture Cultivation: Specializes in planting and cultivating fruits and various crops. It covers 7,450 feddans of land in the Bahareya Oasis.