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Farm To Consumer

Our ambitious vertical integration program has allowed us to take control of the complete value chain from farm to consumer.

In doing so, not only are we able to monitor and ensure the highest standards of raw materials, but acquire them at considerably lower costs which translates into top quality products at affordable prices.

As we moved to become a vertically integrated company we simultaneously invested considerable time, energy and resources into enhancing our technological capabilities, fortifying our R&D activities, and nurturing our human capital. This has by and large been the formula for our success and the reason that Juhayna has been able to consistently maintain its leadership position in the industry.

Our vertical integration model is what sets as apart from our competitors as it grants us a leading market share with unfettered access to the best quality raw materials, state of the art production facilities, and a protracted distribution network.

Accordingly, our three lines of business, Farming, Manufacturing, and Distribution, work in tandem with one another, in order to promote efficiency and ensure the highest standards across all areas of production.

The Three Juhayna Verticals …

1 . Farming

Integration between Agriculture and Livestock to Preserve the Environmental Resources Juhayna planted the land with green feed that integrates livestock and agricultural production, where high-quality green feed and corn are planted, grown, and converted into silage as a food source...

2 . Manufacturing

Our commitment to providing safe and healthy products to our consumers while remaining on the cutting edge of modern production techniques begins with securing the highest quality raw materials and continues with our state-of-the-art production facilities. Juhayna employs the most...

3 . Commercial & Distribution

TIBA, Juhayna’s commercial arm and main distribution network, is a crucial component of our vertical integration strategy. With one of the largest distribution fleets in the Egyptian food and beverage industry, TIBA owns 1000 vehicles capable of transporting both refrigerated...