Why work at Juhayna?

Since its establishment in 1983, Juhayna Food Industries has experienced remarkable growth and has become a leading Egypt-based manufacturer specialized in the production, processing, and packaging of milk, yoghurt, juice, and juice concentrates for the past three decades. Our ever-expanding pool of loyal customers has come to view our wide variety of quality products as essential and trusted household names. Accordingly, when selecting our team, we look for people who are passionate about positively impacting the day-to-day lives of others.

At Juhayna, we keep innovation at the heart of our operations. Flexibility and the willingness to take risks have been part and parcel of the success that we have achieved both locally and with regional exports. Pursuing a career with Juhayna, will not only afford you the opportunity to effectively contribute to the success story of an industry leader, it will also expose you to the latest in state-of-the-art food manufacturing technologies that have enabled us to achieve the highest production standards in the market. Moreover, we view our people as the company’s key asset and are thus committed to their wellbeing through continuously looking for ways to develop their professional careers and skill sets.

Juhayna’s unique work environment promotes autonomy alongside innovation and creativity. In order to maintain this culture of innovation, we look for candidates who are up to the challenge of taking on individual responsibilities while upholding our core values.

Juhayna’s recruitment process requires an online application and an interview(s).

Online Application

The online application is an opportunity for interested parties to fill in and apply for the Job they believe corresponds best with their qualifications.

The Interview

If we find that your application complements the capabilities required for the role profile, our HR Team will contact you to arrange an appropriate time for the interviewing process to begin.

Candidates who reach this stage will go through a series of interviews, which may include online, face-to-face, or phone interviews. The first interview is typically with a human resources officer, followed by a functional interview; both of which will help us not only assess your qualifications & experience but also your motivations and compatibility with Juhayna’s corporate culture. Assessments will be based on a combination of behavior-based and situational interviews that will help us to get to know you better.

The Job Offer

Once an applicant has successfully completed the interviewing stages, we will extend them an offer to join our team. Additional information regarding the induction process is provided to all new hires to help ease their transition into the company.

We seek employees who are looking to enrich their professional development and are ready to engage in a long-term, mutual relationship with the company. Accordingly, we have created an environment where our people are given abundant opportunities to learn and expand their skill-sets and leadership qualities.

Talent Assessment & Succession Planning

Our succession planning process is tailored to identify and prepare our existing employees for leadership positions within Juhayna. It ensures that experienced and capable employees are promoted in a timely fashion; whereby we establish plans that include a list of forecasted potential successors for key positions.

Learning & Development

We provide a wide array of learning and development opportunities not only through on-the-job training, but also through a set of innovative learning techniques such as bite-sized learning, development centers, and succession planning tracks. The internal structure is designed to develop professionals and leaders at all levels of the organization, including specifically designed programs directed towards high potential employees.

Development is also extended to our top management, through carefully-chosen programs delivered by top-ranked universities such as Institute for Management Development, Center for Creative Leadership, Kellogg, and London Business School.

We strive to maintain a diverse environment where everyone’s opinion is appreciated and taken into consideration. The inclusion of multiple parties and the willingness to entertain new ideas are what help us maintain our competitive edge when it comes to product innovation. We value the unique perspectives of each of our team members and fully recognize that it is through their efforts that we enjoy the success we have today.

Our workforce consists of both males and females who are passionate about their personal growth as well as the company’s success and future ambitions. Accordingly, we have a number of initiatives in place to ensure the health & wellbeing of our people, as well as the provision of company products and flexible working hours whenever possible, as they are our greatest asset.

Juhayna’s health and safety protocols are designed to not only ensure product safety but also include meticulous safety hazard guidelines designed to prevent the occurrence of accidents amongst our employees.

One of our objectives as a leading company in food & beverages is to acquire a very strong, competitive rewards system that is both competitive & flexible, in order to be ahead of the market in such a dynamic sector. It is integral to remain updated with the latest market trends; not only to attract external talent, but also to distinguish our existing high calibers. Performance is directly linked to the Reward & Recognition model, whereby we adopt a pay for performance strategy.

Since its establishment, Juhayna has nurtured a culture that values merit and talent. We hire employees who are willing and wanting to test their limits and who are passionate about the growth of their individual careers alongside the company’s strategic goals. Accordingly, there exists a reciprocated responsibility between the company and the individuals who comprise our team. We invest in the development of our people by offering an array of learning opportunities such as training programs and in return, expect that each of them will perform to the best of their abilities so that we may collectively deliver the highest quality products.

In terms of individual progression, we have a thorough performance evaluation process in place that is used to help us identify employees who consistently perform with integrity and excellence, and accordingly is one of the tools to determine available potentiality.

Corporate Communications

Our Corporate Communications department is the pulse of our operations. With the rising channels of communications through advancements in the media, it is integral for any corporate body to have a sound basis of communication with their key stakeholders, whether they be agencies, partners, the press, governmental & industrial bodies, or general public consumers.

Juhayna’s corporate communications department focuses on sharpening the image of the company in order to maintain and promote consumer loyalty while also disseminating necessary information to our stakeholders. To serve such objectives we utilize mass communication technologies through social media and televised platforms alike, and establish on-the-ground activations to ensure personalized communication with our consumers. Our Juhayna Customer Care Hotline (16630) is also in place to address concerns and establish a two-way dialogue between the company and its customers.


Our Marketing department is driven by quality performance and innovation. Constantly striving to exceed the expectations of our customers, we work closely with all of the company’s departments and functions in order to adequately translate the high quality of our products into commercial terms.

The marketing team consists of flexible and creative minds that are constantly looking for opportunities to expand Juhayna’s portfolio by improving and adding value to the products we offer our consumers.


One of Juhayna’s key commitments is to ensure that our products are affordable and easily accessible to all of our consumers wherever they go. Accordingly, we have established one of the largest distribution networks in the country; a feat only made possible through our innovative management approach and consistent investments made to improve the efficacy of our distribution operations.

We are committed to satisfying customer needs and creating win-win scenarios through the introduction of promotion programs that adjust to market fluctuations and fuel our sales force; benefiting both the company and consumers alike.


Our international footprint has witnessed remarkable growth, with expansions across the globe. The export department at Juhayna focuses on business development, branding, and distribution coverage. It scouts for potential markets and works in close collaboration with our other departments to strategize on how to construct strong international brand equity and strengthen the overall image of the company.

Together with the R&D department, Juhayna”s export arm designs strategies that are tailored to address a diverse range of target markets and cultures. Moreover, the department is dedicated to building effective and long-lasting relationships with our customers by providing them with top-quality products and services as well as after-sales support.

Human Resources

Our greatest asset at Juhayna is our people. We firmly believe that our success is a testament to the hard work and efforts contributed by our team. Accordingly, we pay special attention to the selection and continued development of our human capital. We choose and retain employees who share our values of integrity, leadership, passion, and hard-work; innovators who are ready to take on challenges.

We aim to develop and nurture mutual relationships between the company and our employees. Our HR department continues to develop initiatives to help employees further their career ambitions and enrich their individual skill-sets. There is no greater investment than in the people who make it all possible. We focus on developing a clear career path for those who aspire it. We believe this to be a way to maintain our succession pool filled with capable and competent people.

Agro-Live Stock Operations

Our Agro-Live Stock Operations department aims to maximize production efficiency in a sustainable manner. The department is characterized by fast-paced development schemes in the agriculture and dairy sector through innovative performance plans that enable the rapid delivery of our quality products.

One of the main responsibilities of the department is to ensure up-to-date agriculture and livestock management system methods and technologies during all stages of production; irrigation, fertilizer/chemical prescriptions, veterinary/nursing procedures, and production mapping. In addition to this, the department is also responsible for overseeing the sustained health and wellbeing of the soils, animals, ecosystems, and people involved in the agro-livestock production phase.


As a food industries company, our manufacturing sector plays a vital role in the success of our business. The department boasts ISO standards which ensure that proper procedures and precautions are carried out across all of our operations, including production, maintenance, lab and quality control.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain department lies at the heart of our business. From planning and procuring to the delivery of finished products, it functions as one network. The department utilizes our sales history, trends, and market knowledge to develop forecasts on potential sales and opportunities.

The supply chain oversees and ensures the timely and numerically accurate delivery of raw materials as well as finished products. Accordingly, it is also in charge of procuring the day-to-day production needs for all of Juhayna’s divisions (dairy, juices, happy kitchen) and ensuring the delivery of all materials for every department.


Our finance department is the cornerstone in every strategic decision that is made at Juhayna. It is in charge of gathering and presenting the necessary financial information in order to ensure that the company’s expansions are carried out in a financially sustainable manner.

Supported by an automated ERP system (SAP), the finance department controls the business cycle through the provision of accurate financial reports and positions that are then used to determine internal policy and aggregate decisions for the company. In addition to this, the department is also responsible for protecting and strengthening Juhayna’s financing and cash flow in order to ensure maximum profitability for all of our shareholders.


 Our R&D department is at the forefront of our operation. From cost-optimization to quality control and to compete in the food & beverage industry, we must listen and respond to our consumer needs. One of the factors that have enabled us to see continued growth and success over the years is our commitment to innovation and our unceasing desire to better the quality and flavor of our products.


As a food industries company, we strive to thoroughly apply Quality, Food Safety & Health safety measures that are embedded in the way we carry out our daily business.


Our IT department provides the world-class systems and infrastructure that optimize our business processes, deliver the right information for decision-making, drive business innovation, and mitigate enterprise risks.

Investor Relations

At Juhayna, we work with full transparency, communicating our business and future plans day to day in a timely manner to keep our stakeholders updated. Our IR department is devoted to handling inquiries from shareholders and investors, as well as others who might be interested in juhayna’s stock.

Operations Department

Our operations department is the internal support that coordinates space and infrastructure by providing the organization and the employees with the required tools and services ensuring its smooth and efficient operation.

Legal Affairs

Our legal affairs department supports us by providing internal legal consultancy, handling company’s litigations and employee contracts.

Internal Audit

Our Internal Audit department is our independent assurance that our risk management, governance, and internal control processes are operating effectively. Internal Audit in Juhayna is a centralized function and its scope of work expands overall Juhayna sectors.

Operation Excellence

Our operation excellence department is one of the main functions that help us achieve our business growth and ensures the delivery of business initiatives.  This is through the implementation of predetermined synergies and strong management guidance across all business functions and processes using LEAN/Six Sigma methodologies.

Meet our people

Juhayna has a diverse group of people operating within a shared value system and a clear business vision. This shared purpose has been uniting remarkable talents to fulfill professional and person al growth over history.

Over history Juhayna has been successful in sustaining a culture of development and pride among its employees where shared experiences coupled and dedication have been the corner stone to the company’s success and progress over years.

The company has a long standing heritage of operating with ethical standards and integrity through its commitments to its various stakeholders including employees, shareholders, consumers and the local communities ensuring business sustainability over years to come.


If you are interested in applying for a fulltime position at Juhayna, please refer to our job vacancies section for a list of available jobs. You may click here to complete our application form and apply for the position that best matches your needs and qualifications.

Summer Internships

Juhayna is offering summer internships for university students and recent graduates who are interested in gaining experience and learning about our various departments.

If you are interested in applying for one of our internships, kindly click here to complete our application.

Internship Programs

Internship programs are tailored untraditional programs applied at Juhayna for recent graduates who are interested in gaining experience and learning about specific or various departments, the programs are designed to support qualifying them as a potential layer for a successful career path.

If you are interested in applying for one of our internship programs, kindly click here to complete our application.

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