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Creating Shared Values


What is the Creating Shared Values?

The key to success for any business or corporation today lies in the creation of shared value (CSV) which is basically a fusion of economic and social strategies that culminate in a win-win solution, bettering the quality of life for all those impacted.
The concept of CSV, while overlapping with traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR), is different from the latter in that CSR is often perceived as a cost center. CSV on the other hand is a profit center that involves seeking new business opportunities that can have a positive impact on markets, societies and people.

csvAt Juhayna CSV serves as a guiding principle for strategic decisions and operations directly related to the company and its goals of increasing profitability for all of its stakeholders including the company and its shareholders, our people, and the community at large. Whether it’s a pillar sponsorship that helps build and sustain badly-needed public hospitals in Egypt or the ongoing efforts to support sports initiatives such as Egypt’s Ahly Footbal Club, Juhayna is a firm believer in leading by example in order to bring about meaningful change to our community, and to do so in sustainable terms.

In 2015, Juhayna was awarded the “Sustainable Development Award” from the Federation of Egyptian Industries’ Environmental Compliance and Sustainable Development Office. Such recognition is a testament to the strength, continuity and dedication of the company’s corporate citizenship program.


Our Vision for CSV

As one of Egypt’s leading food manufacturers, Juhayna is firmly committed to the sustainable development of the community and its members across every level of operation. From our adherence to environmental standards, energy efficiency, and waste management in our operations to the projects we undertake to empower our farmers and suppliers, our commitment goes above and beyond the simple notion of “giving back.” Our strategic model is tailored to ensure the continued creation of shared value for the company, our people, and the community as a whole.


Our Commitment

As we continue to grow we remain eternally faithful to our responsibility to aid in the development of the protracted community and support those in need. Over the years Juhayna has been an active participant in many worthy community engagement initiatives that have helped bring about meaningful change, particularly in the areas of healthcare, youth empowerment, and culture, in addition to a number of other causes including women empowerment and environmental sustainability.


Our Community

While Juhayna is involved in a range of social initiatives that collectively work towards the betterment of the community, it’s main focus areas are developing our industry, healthcare, youth empowerment and culture.