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“Add a burst of flavor to your life”

We have pioneered the flavored milk market with our Mix range which offers innovative products for kids, teens and adults providing them with a range of vitamins and minerals that come together in a premium blend of delicious taste. Juhayna Mix products come in different segments and flavors:

  • Mix Milk available in 3 different flavors Chocolate –Strawberry-Banana 200ml
  • Mix Yogurt available in Strawberry, 2 packaging sizes 75 & 105g

  • Spoonable Yoghurt


     Mix range of flavored spoonable yoghurt comes in Strawberry. Combining the health benefits of plain yoghurt while adding a blend of various tastes, it is a delightfully healthier and guilt-free alternative to junk food. Our spoonable Mix product is available in 75 gm and 105 gm packaging.